What are these bubbles?Expand
The bubbles represent genres, albums and artists. You can play music and access album information by zooming in or tapping on the bubbles.
Why are some bubbles bigger than others?Expand
The size of the bubble represents the amount of content the genre, album or artist contains.
What do the colors of the bubbles stand for?Expand
The colors represent the genre of music.
How do I navigate?Expand
You can navigate by pinching, panning and zooming.
How do I create a playlist?Expand
You can create a playlist simply by tapping and holding one of the bubbles in either detail view or from the overview screen.
Why can’t I see my album art?Expand
Sonarflow uses the album art from your iTunes library. You can retrieve album covers via iTunes.
What music is in the “Other” bubble?Expand
Sometimes there isn’t a genre defined for a song or album so Sonarflow categorizes it as “Other”. You can fix this by adding a genre. Here’s how:

1. In your iTunes music library select one or multiple songs
2. Right click, select Get Info and click on Info tab
3. Choose the Genre from the dropdown and click OK
4. Sync your device

How are artists organized within a bubble?Expand
Artists are currently organized to suit the visual browsing experience. In an upcoming release, Sonarflow will organize artists based on similarity.
What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?Expand
The free version is supported by ad banners and limits users to 2 playlists. These limitations are removed in the paid version.
Can I listen to my music from my iTunes computer library via home sharing?Expand
This function is currently not supported, however we are looking at how we can implement this. Stay tuned for updates.
On which platforms is Sonarflow available? Expand
Currently Sonarflow is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
What versions are you compatible with?Expand
Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running on

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iOS 4.0 and above can use Sonarflow.

My app crashes on startup. What can I do? Expand
This happens on occasion with older devices like the iPhone 3G if the device is occupied with other tasks. Restarting the app should fix this issue.
I have a technical problem, request or suggestion, who do I email?Expand
We’re happy to hear from you at appsupport@sonarflow.com.
How do I scrobble? Expand
To enable scrobbling, click on the information icon in the upper right-hand corner. Pan to the left until you reach the Social page. Click on Settings under the Last.fm icon and turn scrobble on.
Why doesn’t the scrobble work?Expand
Scrobbling works only when the app is active. The device can be sleeping, but updates are not submitted if you are in another app.