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Sonarflow development stopped

Sonarflow development stopped

Dear Sonarflow users and fans,

Spectralmind, the company behind Sonarflow, stopped operations since 2013 and formally closed the company in 2015.

This means that no development of the app has been taking place since 2013. Yet, this is still one of the most exciting music discovery apps around, and most if its features are still working and help you discover great new music!

We currently pulled the app from the Apple AppStore due to some API and iOS incompatibilities (it was built for iOS 6). A recent test however showed that it still works on iOS 9. In any case, it is still available for Android on Google Play.

For all fans of Sonarflow – visual music discovery – who are coders as well: Good news: We open-sourced the app, so you can help update and improve it, and provide it back to the community! We would be also really excited about interesting new extensions and fresh ideas!

We hugely thank the entire former team of Spectralmind, all collaborators and partners and generally all people who have given us the trust and interest over all these years for the good times we had together!

This was an exciting journey! As exciting as the music domain always has been, is and ever will be!

All the best,
Thomas Lidy, Ewald Peiszer, Johann Waldherr
former CEO, CTO and BizDev of Spectralmind



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